Our assessment practice uses psychometrics to support the recruitment process or to help our Clients audit their teams. We use the tests to identify areas for further investigation prior to a hiring decision, or the results can be used to map a career development plan for the candidate once employed by the business. These are not tests with a pass or fail approach, but a complementary tool that enables BrethertonDay to further mitigate risk for our Clients. We recommend that they are not used in isolation, but as part of a broader assessment where they can be used alongside records of achievement and output, referencing and other such processes.

We focus predominantly on three areas: assessment for selection, where we help our clients make the optimal hire through predicting an individual’s ability to execute a role effectively; assessment for development, where we work with senior leaders to enhance their performance and achieve their career potential; and assessment of leadership teams, so that data-driven decisions can be made on the complementarity skills needed and the development actions required to harness or supplement to enhance performance. By using such techniques, we are able to add another level of assurance and minimise risk for our clients.